Here it is, another photo

Trying to take a photo everyday for a year is going to prove to be quite challenging. Today I am exceptionally tired, but I took the picture.  Is it fabulous, well no, is it awesome, well no, is it wow,  well no, but I took it and I am blogging about it, so that’s something.

When I say I am tired, I mean tired, wiped out, worn to the bone, well you get the picture.  When I say I’m tired it makes me realize I am so very out of shape and need to do something about it. So in addition to my job AND my blog AND craft projects, I have decided to add working out to my day (well every other day).  We shall see how this goes, because as of tonight I have only really managed to do two things, the picture for the blog and work, wish me luck!! On a positive note, I have managed to conquer my procrastinating side of myself (well for the moment anyway).

So for tonight’s picture I have brought back the glass ball.  Although it’s not technically a great picture, I am rather fond of the creative aspect of the image.  Not really much more to say is there, so …..


Ta-da, so there you have it, the cat looking at the cat in the glass ball.  Since, I am so very tired, I will bid you …

Good Night!!! Sweet dreams my friends!!!



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