Feeling accomplished

Well, here it is another day, another photo and another post!!!! I am really feeling accomplished!!!!! (you can tell how good I feel by the number of exclamations marks) 

As usually, I will have some small talk and then on with the picture, remember I am practicing my writing skills (I know, I still have much improving to do).  Two things about today, I finally finished putting away all the Christmas (wasn’t feeling great anyway) and my mind has been occupied all day with a dear friend. We really should not take any day for granted, savory every moment, love unconditionally and be grateful for every second!!! As I said, my dear friend was on my mind today, so even though I wasn’t on my game today plus I had to finish putting away the Christmas decorations, I enjoyed it!!  Okay, okay on with the picture ….

Okay, so this picture is of piano keys, but it’s the flash that makes it interesting, well to me anyway  I laid the flash on the keys, so the keys made shadows.  I really liked the results, however, please ignore the dirt on the piano, I really need to dust the piano.


So there you have it, not very earth shattering, but then I am just enjoying the fact that I pick up my camera everyday to take a picture and having some fun along the way.

That’s it … good night beautiful friends, have sweet dreams!!!!


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