Hello Friday

Also, hello to another picture.  I am simply amazed at myself for working on this blog everyday for over two weeks, actually I am astonished and just a little proud.

Today was an absolutely lovely day, as I spent time visiting with a very dear and sweet friend.   She was having a great day, so the visit was a delightful experience for her as well.  I love to hear her tell her stories, she takes her time and is remarkably articulate, I am always listening intently to the very end.  Unfortunately we had to depart a little early due to a slight tire malfunction I needed to attend to, the bottom line of this minor worry, I am the proud and broke owner of four new tires! Alright, I guess it’s time to move on with the picture …

Tonight’s picture is brought to you by ….. my yard!! Yes, my friends I have ventured outside these four walls I call home, into my yard!! It’s all about the baby steps with me … yesterday inside the four walls, today outside the four walls in my yard and the rest of the year to infinite and beyond!!!  Tonight while I ventured I found this little dandelion, yes it is a dandelion, but I photographed overhead and I lit it with a flash (yes I have a love affair going on with this flash, I just love it!!!!), which I think (that is, it’s my own opinion) make for an interesting photo. So, here it is .the-dandy-dandilion

I finally ventured outside and a take a picture of a dandelion, but again, I like it.

Good Evening my beautiful friends!!! Have a delightful evening, have sweet dreams and since I will not see you until tomorrow evening … Good Morning and Good Afternoon!!




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