Here’s to another day …

And another photo … yes, I have struck again, after a day of work, well it wasn’t a full day of work and well it wasn’t really hard work and well we did have a lunch break, but I did go to work and that counts for something …. I AM really tired!!!!

I am so enjoying keeping this blog going and picking up my camera everyday.  I have taken several pictures everyday, but I only post one on this blog.  My goal is to improve my photography and learn as much as I can, it will be a slow process. I am looking forward to this adventure!!! Of course, kicking procrastination out the door is a plus and I am on my way completing that task, go me!!!

So the picture today is, yes a cat.  I was worn out when I came home from work and there was my sweet Josephine just waiting to have her picture taken.  I did experiment with the lighting … it created a spooky Josephine, I like it.


It’s not much, but at least I took the picture today and I posted it today, that is what matters most, at least to me!!!

Good Night beautiful friends, sweet dreams!!!



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