Time for another photo

You know this is really a tremendous thing happening, someone who procrastinates has completed day 13 (in a row!!!) of a 365 day project. I feel abundantly satisfied with myself at this very moment.  I have picked up my camera everyday since this project began and even though not all the pictures were creative as I would like, I am out there trying my best. I take, I learn and I try again another day.

It’s really wonderful when you meet kind people.  Yesterday at church I commented to a lovely lady that I loved her bracelet, well this amazing soul took that bracelet off and gave it to me right then, with any hesitation.  The bracelet has little flowers, and my beautiful cousin said they looked like daisies … well in that moment it occurred to me, that must be why I loved it, you see my mom loved daisies.  My mom has been gone for quite sometime, but I still miss that lovely angel.  She was my best friend and the best mom in the world and I was so lucky that God blessed me with such a spectacular mom!!!!!! Anyway, time for the picture …

Today has been I busy day at home with this and that, plus I have a pinky toe that is a little under the weather, so yes I took the easy way out …. it’s another cat picture!!! I would really like to expand my horizons as photographer, but the way I see it I still have over 300 days left for the expansion, so I have no worries and I have all confidence that I will grow in my photography.

This is Juliette, she is such a beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes and markings, I just can’t resist.


I really had high expectations that today I would do something different, but alas I did not, but at least I did actually pick up my camera and photographed today. Although this is the photo I chose, I did do a little experimenting with some other shots, so all was not lost.

Good Evening beautiful friends!!!


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