Ta-da, I did it again …

Yes, it is true, I have completed another day, well technically not completed yet, after all I am still typing. (Oh yes, that is so funny) But I am in the process and that’s something.

There is something that is happening right now, I absolutely have nothing to say. You need to mark this down on your calendar friends, because believe me, this does not happen very often.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of thoughts catapulting around this head of my, I just can’t seem to get them corralled and organized.  Wow, this is really monumental and a little frightening for me.  So we will just move on to the picture …

Okay, okay, so it’s a cat picture …. again, but you just have to understand I love my cats and besides my little toe is still a little tender and I just don’t feel like getting out  ….. do you hear that, yes that is the world’s smallest violin playing for me. haha  Our little Miss Juliette just loves the flash, so I snapped this as I was trying to experiment with lighting.  I think it makes for a different kind of picture.  My cats are the best, well except sometimes they do run from me when they see me with the camera.


So there you have it, another cat picture (just get over it and move on, lol)  

Good Evening my friends!!! Make it a fabulous evening and enjoy the night!!! (oh and now it is complete)


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