And another day is done

Here it is another day and another photo, yep I am getting the job done.  I know I keep saying this over and over again, but this is totally awesome.  My blog (yep, I’m still digging saying that) is really helping me to, well to put in bluntly, get me off my lazy, well you know !!!!

Today I realized that the other point of my blog (still smiling) was to expand my writing stills and I do believe I have not really achieved much success in this area.  So hopefully after the post tonight I will put more time and effort to have my blog (yep smiling) sound a little more eloquent and less like I need to go back to school.

Why tomorrow, well because of several problems that have plagued me tonight … technical difficulties while downloading my pictures, storms are in the area so I am just a little preoccupied and I need to get in the kitchen and make some cookies. hehe  So tomorrow hopefully my blog will sound a little more put together.

I would like to discuss a quite lovely thing that happened today.  While in church, I mentioned to the lovely lady who sits with my during service that I loved her bracelet, without thinking she took it off and gave it to me.  We discussed it later and she said she has never done that before, but felt that is what she should do.  Later someone mentioned that it looked like daisies on the bracelet, I think that is why I liked it so much … my mom’s favorite flower was daisies!!!! I will treasure this bracelet for years and years.  Okay,so let’s get to the picture, I hear you saying …

So I really didn’t try anything new, I just experimented more with the water splash.  Yesterday the splash was hitting water already in the sink.  Tonight I photographed the water splashing directly onto the sink its self.  Without further ado …..


Well that’s it for tonight.  I have a plan that hopefully will help me with ideas to try new photography stills and will work on that plan tomorrow.  So ….

Good Night my friends!!! Stay safe and have sweet dreams.




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