It’s the Eleventh day

It’s the eleventh day and I am still posting, this is not only amazing it’s incredible!!!! The procrastinating side in me can just buzz off, I am getting closer to being a non-procrastinator (okay, so that’s not a word)!!!  Only 351 (if I did the math right) to go, I CAN do this and WILL complete this blog!!!!

Today was a stay in my pj’s kind of day and I really don’t like to disappointment myself by not following my own directions.  The weather is glooming and I just didn’t feel the desire to venture outside.  I also kind of ran over my little pinky toe yesterday with a cart loaded with photography equipment (ouch and yes I am that clumsy) and it’s just a wee bit tender today.  I am completing my day by watching TV with one cat to the right of me, one cat to the left of me and here I am stuck in the middle with them …. ha, get it, get it? Okay, on to the picture …

I did decided to venture out with my photography for today, yep you got it, no cat in the photo today.  I experimented with water, that’s right H20, the wet stuff …. the goal was to catch a splash.  I had to take a lot of photos to get just a few good ones, trying to catch a splash is not as easy as you would think, well at least not for me.  I did learn a thing or two and maybe next time I will get a better imagine, not saying that I took a horrible image this time, just better next time.  So get ready, here it is …..


Surprise, I posted two today, I just couldn’t decide which one to pick and I liked them both …. I am just a little happy the way the turned out. I have seen better by others, but I am happy I tried this and happy the way they turned out.   I need to do something about they little bubble at the bottom at the bottom of the sink, again …. I will be better next time.


So there you have it, something new from me and it was so much fun.  I really do love photography and I love that this blog has me trying new things.  Oh and my cats are soooo happy I moved on from them …. at least today.

Good Evening my beautiful friends and have a wonderful evening!!!



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