It’s Friday and another picture

So here it is over a week of posting on my blog (yes I still like saying that), this is totally amazing!!!

This week has wiped me out …. after a month off, going to back to work was a little rough and today just finished me off.  I am so glad to be working and I love my job, but so very happy it’s the weekend!!!! Rest, pictures and rest my be what is on the agenda this weekend.

It’s also been a week that reminds me to tell folks that I love them, which fortunately I do a lot (and unfortunately for my friends, think I kind of eek folks out over this sometimes, sorry about that friends).  Life is a gift and we should cherish it and the ones that make is so great!! So happy I have so many  to love and that love me!! Okay, okay I will move on from the mushy stuff, but I do love the mushy stuff!!!

Alright, the picture …. yes it is a cat picture and there are several reasons why …. 1) we have four cats, so there is always one around, 2) they are definitely curious little things and 3) I LOVE THEM AND I LOVE TAKING THEIR PICTURES, however sometimes they do run and hide from me. Josephine loves the flash and I love trying new things with said flash, results ……..


So there you have it, a worn out photographer who had a tiring week, but a week that reminds me to be thankful for everyday and for having such photogenic cats!!!

Good Evening my beautiful friends!!! Have a fabulous evening and have sweet dreams!!


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