Yes, I have done it again!!!

I have lost track on the number of days, but they have all been in a row!!! Hurray for me, just a bit proud of myself!!!  My work schedule has been lite, we shall see how well I do once my schedule gets busy.

To go off subject, as usual, I had a little extra energy early this morning, so the house is now clean, clean …. well just clean, I wasn’t that energetic. haha  After, cleaning I decided to take a trip to the store to pick up a few items.  It wasn’t really that exciting until I decided to take a trip down the seasonal aisle, that is when I saw it …. my second favorite jellybean flavor in the world!!!  Apparently they are available for Valentine’s Day and Easter … woo hoo!!!! You may be asking, second favorite? or maybe not, but I will tell you the story anyway.  My all time favorite jellybean brand and flavor, which was available only at Easter, is no longer available, I know so very sad.  My search for these jellybeans was a quest every year, I quest I enjoyed!! But now thanks to my second favorite jellybean in the world I am feeling the sugar rush again …. yes this is another problem I have to deal with, I am addicted to jellybeans!!! Now on with the whole point of my blog (yes, I still love to say that “my blog”, lol) …..

Yes, yes it is a cat, I told you I have a problem.  I am currently obsessed with my flash as well, especially off the camera.  I am very fortunate that cats are very curious, they play right into my hands every time.

It’s here …


There you have it, I really like it!!! My cats are so much fun!!!!

Good Evening my friends!!! Have a super evening!!!



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