I’m still here

It’s another day, another photo and another post.  Today was my second day back to work after about a month off and this old body is not really feeling it. lol Is is Friday yet? … no … how about now? …. still no ….. darn!!!

Today rolled along pretty good, working with folks you get along with makes it better. Well, I then spent over an hour talking with folks at my office, man I really think I have a problem.  Do they have a program for folks who talk to much? ha

This evening did not go as well, it has been one of those evenings where you want to tell all your friends and family that you love them and also sorry I can be a pain and of course sorry I just plain talk so much!!!! I have no other words tonight soooo ….

I was just having fun with the flash and goofing off, not a perfect picture, but it will do.  IS call it The Dark Side of Smokey.  After I took this picture of our Smokey, I proceeded to take some of the other cats and then they ran from me when they saw me coming with my camera, one even ran under the bed!!! Poor kitties!!! Here it is ……


Sorry it’s another cat picture, I really can’t help myself …. I guess also need to find a program to help with this as well. ha

Good Night my friends!!! Have a beautiful evening!!!


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