That’s it seven for seven

Oh, how many times can I talk about my cats?  Well that is a trick questions, because there is no answer, my cats always make for a good subject conversation, well for me anyway.  So this leads to …. yes, it’s another cat picture.

I had a month off of work, so that is a lot of time spent with them.  As I have said before, they are very spoiled, but very, very loved.  So as I dressed for work this morning, they could just tell by our routine ….. yep mom is going back to work … well, not sure they know ‘work’, but they know we are gone for a long time some days and know that routine.  So just as I was leaving, little Josephine looked at me with such a look and had to snap a picture and send to the hubby to see the pitiful little girl.  I thought about her the whole time I was working and could not wait to get home.  Luckily, I didn’t have to work real late and rushed home to find her sleeping peacefully, apparently she was able to recover from the tragedy of being abandon by her mom to go to work.

So here is the picture of our Josephine looking at me with those sad eyes which made it difficult to leave her, but as I said, she did recover.


So there it is, another cat picture.  Not much to say after that, but ….

Good Night my friends, have fabulous evening and a better day tomorrow.



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