The cat and the socks

I can’t believe myself, this is the sixth day in.a.row!!!!  Okay, I am just going to stop and pat myself on the back for this one.  For a professional procrastinator, this is a huge achievement, heck just starting this blog in an accomplishment!!!!

If you haven’t noticed, I love cats, rescue cats are the best!!! I would love to have a house full, of course plenty of help to keep them and the pesky money thing would help. The house would be perfectly made to help keep the cats entertained and could accommodate many, again lots of help!!! Some think cats are to independent and not very loving, well all I have to say is ….. CATS ARE VERY LOVING, but you have to love them, if you ignore a cat, yes chances are they might ignore you. I could go on, but I want this to be fun, not a lecture.  In this house we love cats and our cats love us.  We have four …. Smokey, Snowball, Juliette and Josephine, each with their own unique personality which I totally love.  I miss them when I am at work and when we take a trip, oh boy ….. I go crazy with missing them … yes I am that crazy cat lady!!!!

So the picture today, well it is not really creative, but it is special to me.  Someone really sweet gave me these cute little socks, yes they are kitty cat socks.  The purchase of these socks helped feed hungry shelter cats!!!! I would love to say they had to sneak around and to found out about me, however, I am an open book …. folks that know me.  Not sure if I should be proud that I’m an open book, but it is what it is and I am thankful for whomever gave me this precious socks.

So in this picture we have … the socks, the card about the purchase(which I should have photographed the other side of the card, lesson learned) and the kitty in the picture, well that’s just my stuffed animal from my collection and was added for dramatic effect, BTW the cat was a present from a dear friend.  I told you, folks know me well!!!


Some days I feel pretty luck to be me, this is one of those lucky days.

Good Evening my friends!!! Have a fabulous night and if you have a kitty, give them a big hug for me!!!



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