And then it was five ….

Alrighty then friends this makes day …… FIVE!!!! That’s right, you heard me, five and it’s totally awesome.  For five days I have picked up my camera, taken a photo or two and posted one of them here on my blog (I am totally weird, because I just love saying ‘my blog’ … hey, I already said I was weird, don’t you judge me).

So today I went looking for a particular item, but alas it  was not to be found. I will say I was a little disappointed, but I guess it was not meant to be, at least today anyway.  That’s how it is sometimes, disappoints arise, but you mustn’t let them bring you to far down.  It’s okay to get down, just don’t stay there …. it’s hard to get back up if you stay down to long, especially for me, my knees aren’t young any more. (yes, that is meant to be funny, but since I can’t see your face I won’t know if you hurt my feelings by not laughing … again funny, sort of).

On with the picture ….

While I do have an obsession with photographing my cats, I have an equal obsession with flowers and not just flowers, but flowers with water drops.  So here it is …


So there it is, another photo.

Good Night my friends … have a fabulous evening!!!





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