This is four days folks, FOUR

So this is totally awesome, four days in a row of taking pictures and posting them.  Okay, okay, I won’t get to excited I have a long way to go to 365 days …. who am I kidding, WOO HOO, THIS IS FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!!

So I skipped out on going shopping with my dear friend today, yes I wimped out … it was so cold and those roads can be scary.  I spent all day in my pj’s, reading a little and watch TV, well except when I finally pried myself off that chair and actually dressed to go to the store.  Really should have taken down the Christmas decorations, but as I told someone today … “We aren’t lazy, just still in the Christmas spirit” lol and don’t you judge me!!!

I am totally getting into this whole blog thing, I like saying things like … “I totally have a blog” and “I need to post it in my blog”, yes I am that weird nerd who is totally having fun with something that has been around forever.  Oh and of course there is that other thing about taking pictures too, haha …. again, don’t you judge me!!!!

So for tonight’s picture I actually went for something creative, well at least I was trying for creative.  Yes, there is a cat in the picture, but at least it is a little different.  I am totally pleased with the way it turned out.  Mind you it’s not perfect, but I am a work in progress and as long as I am trying, well I have 358 to get better!!! Oh and please ignore the cat hair, I do own a cat or two, a crack me up too!!!


Okay, so that’s it, not the big one, but let’s face it …. I done did good.  Of course I have to give a nod to my little Josephine, she helped!!!

Until tomorrow my friends, Good Night and since I won’t see until evening .. Good Morning and Good Afternoon!!!



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