Another day, Another photo

So here it is, day three and I am still here a posting.  I must be honest and say today’s photo is not very inspiring, not very creative and I kind of took the easy way out …. yes, it’s a cat photo.

I worked on other projects all day, staying nice, warm and dry in my home …. yep, I was lazy and unmotivated as a photographer (bad, Sandra, bad).  The objective of this project was to get me moving on my photography, well, I didn’t really get moving or creative today, but at least I took a photo, right? It’s only day 6 of 365 so I guess I will give myself a break, this time.

You know even though I didn’t take the greatest photo today, I am still trying and my failure today just motivates me for tomorrow.

So here it is …

This is our Josephine (Josey, Jo Jo, stop doing that, I mean my little sunshine … ha)


So tomorrow is a another day, another chance to be inspired, another chance to be motivated ….. tomorrow will be a better day …… I will think about that tomorrow!!!!

Good night all!!!



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