My Second Post – YAY!!

Two days in a row, take that the procrastinating side of myself!!!!

It’s the beginning of the year and I have piled my plate full of things to accomplish.  Of course this blog is the big one.  I do have some other projects in the works and might elaborate on this at a later date, we shall see how the projects go. I really don’t want to turn this into the list of my failures, but you know if they don’t work out, at least I tried.

You know I think that will be my motto this year … just try!!! I always have ideas and things I would like to try, but I usually just sit there and let the moment pass by me.  I have already succeeded in starting this blog …. woo hoo and now posting for the second day, that’s two days in a row my friends …. double woo hoo!!!!  Say a little prayer my camera holds out, I did have a minor problem today while photographing, but in a true never give up mentality,  I fixed it and moved on …. this time.

Okay, so on with the purpose of this blog …. the picture:

Okay, so yes it is of a cat, but it’s of our Juliette this time.  I was trying something with the lights and just couldn’t resist a few pictures of her and of course just like the true unbiased cat mom  I am, the pictures with her in them were the best!!!


So there she is, my Juliette!!  She loves the lights and the Christmas tree … she loves the tree so much in fact ….  we no longer can have a tree.  Hopefully we can try again next Christmas.

Well that’s it for now …. we shall see you tomorrow!!! Have a wonderful evening my friends!!!


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