My first blog post

So I have taken a leap, a huge leap for me …. I have started a blog!!!  As the title implies, I will be dusting off my camera and everyday taking a photo (or in my case …. several photos), then posting one here.

There are several reasons for this big endeavor:

  1. To help me overcome the procrastinating side of myself, which I immensely dislike.
  2. Learn more about photography and take rockin’ pictures.
  3. To be more articulate when writing. (yes, I really need work in this area as well) I plan on writing a nice little piece with each picture each day. (we will see how long that last)

I am very proud of myself for taking this first step and we shall see how well this turns out.

On with the pictures, since we are four days into the new year, I thought why not just go ahead and post four pictures, obviously one for each day of this new year…. and away we go …

This beauty is our Snowball.  I take a lot of photos of each of my cats, however, for this blog I plan on broaden my horizon and go beyond taking pictures of my cats, again we will see how this goes. lol


So really no explanation needed for this one, Christmas just past and we still have our decorations up (yes, they are still up … don’t you judge me).


Okay, so this one isn’t the greatest, it’s a little fuzzy … I am a work in progress (okay, yes it’s a 10 year progress, again … don’t you judge me …  and yes this is meant to be funny).


Okay, the last one for today.  Yes, it’s a tree, but not only a tree …. it’s a tree with flare.  lol


And just like that, day one is complete.  With just a little determinations and effort (who are we kidding …. it will take a lot of determinations and effort) I will post everyday for the next year.  If I miss a day I will post two pictures, miss two days it will result in three pictures and so on and so on.

Until tomorrow my friends, make it a fantastic evening!!!


6 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. I think this is awesome and look forward to following your adventures. If you ever want to deviate from your cats and want to actually go on a little adventure and need company, count me in.


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